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    Most Runs Scored in a Single Postseason


    Top 4 – Most Runs Scored in a Single Postseason

    By Nick Browne

    The postseason is where legends are built. A time for ordinary players to take their games to the next level. When it comes to getting hits, getting on base, and scoring runs, these players owned the playoffs. These are the players with the most runs in a single postseason.

    Carlos Beltran – 2004 – 21 runs


    After coming over to the Astros in a mid-season trade with the Royals, Beltran burst onto the scene for Houston. During the ‘04 playoffs, he also tied Barry Bonds’ record for most home runs hit in a single postseason in just 12 games.

    Barry Bonds – 2002 – 18 runs


    Bonds nearly led the Giants to a World Series in 2002, falling in seven games to the Angels. However, he did all he could to help them win, scoring 18 runs and belting eight home runs.

    Lance Berkman – 2011 – 17 runs


    Berkman sure did his share to help the Cardinals win the World Series in 2011. He scored 17 runs in the playoffs on the way to helping defeat the Rangers in seven games.

    Paul Molitor – 1993 – 17 runs


    Not only did Molitor help the Twins win the 1993 World Series, he scored 17 runs in the process. Oh, and did I mention that he was named the World Series MVP, too? He was.


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