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    Top 5 – Most Playoff Wins by a Pitcher


    Top 5 – Most Playoff Wins by a Pitcher

    By Nick Browne

    Winning in the regular season is one thing for a pitcher, but winning in the postseason is an entirely different animal. The playoffs are where legends are made. These six pitchers (there are two tied for fifth) made it a habit of claiming the W in the postseason.

    Andy Pettitte – 19 playoff wins

    andy pettitte.jpg

    Pettitte had quite the postseason career for both the Yankees and the Astros. Aside from winning 19 playoff games, he was also a part of five World Series-winning Yankees teams. In addition, he was the ALCS MVP for the Yanks in 2001.

    John Smoltz – 15 playoff wins


    Smoltz is one of the most proficient postseason pitchers ever to play the game. Aside from racking up 15 wins in the playoffs, he only lost four games, with a 2.67 ERA in 41 career postseason games. He was the NLCS MVP for the Braves in 1992.

    Tom Glavine – 14 playoff wins


    Smoltz’s long-time teammate in Atlanta, Glavine is a Baseball Hall of Famer with 305 career wins. He took home the World Series MVP for the Braves in 1995 while helping lead them to the championship.

    Roger Clemens – 12 playoff wins

    roger clemens.jpg

    Clemens won two World Series with the Yankees, in 1999 and 2000. In fact, Clemens has a 3-0 record in World Series games.

    Greg Maddux – 11 playoff wins

    greg maddux.jpg

    Throughout his career, Maddux pitched for the Cubs, Braves, Dodgers, and Padres, winning the World Series in 1995 with the Braves. He pitched in 13 Division Series games, 17 League Championship Series games, and five World Series games.

    Curt Schilling – 11 playoff wins


    Schilling was a monster in the playoffs for the Phillies, Diamondbacks, and Red Sox. He won the NLCS MVP in 1993 with the Phils, and was World Series co-MVP with Randy Johnson for the Diamondbacks in 2001.


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