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Adriana Albritton

Adriana Albritton is the Founder of A Fit Wellness and the blog She holds a Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology, certifications in Personal Training & Fitness Nutrition, and has participated nationally with the National Physique Committee in Figure competitions. Adriana is a coauthor in The Better Business Book Volumes 2 & 3 and has a podcast in Spanish, Ponte en Forma y Saludable con Adriana, which is transmitted at Spanish Public Radio. Adriana was involved in the mental health field over the years. She specialized in forensic populations, treating perpetrators of crime as well as victims. She witnessed the negative effects that an unbalanced mind has on the body and its surrounding environment. Later on, she recognized the awful repercussions that an unbalanced body has on the psyche. Nowadays, she enjoys steering individuals towards healthier lifestyles, while helping them to lose body fat. A Fit Wellness assists clients with individualized meal plans and workout routines and coaches them in recognizing and utilizing their full potential. Throughout her work, Adriana integrates the purpose of achieving a healthy mind along with a fit body, while cultivating a healthy internal environment. Blog The Better Business Book YouTube