How Pro-Athlete Stay in Shape During COVID-19 Pandemic


By Kristal Pinales

De-training is considered a rest day or period usually done after a cycle of training such as a 5k. With the current pandemic, it’s been a challenge for athletes to keep consistent momentum when it comes to their training, but they continue to train as hard as they can under the circumstances. Studies have shown, on average, there is a decline in endurance, strength, and muscle mass after a four week rest period. Houston Rockets’ basketball player, Tyson Chandler, says on “Men’s Journal” that boxing is his favorite way to break a sweat. Meanwhile, Golden Knights power forward, Ryan Reaves is making the most of what he has, which includeshis swimming pool, some weights, and some hiking in his surrounding area to keep in shape. “Alot of swimming. I’ve been doing a lot of workouts in the pool. My house is on a hill, so I’ve been running up hill and I’ve climbed this mountain a couple of times,” says Reaves. One thing is for certain, during normal times or a pandemic, being sedentary for all of us is not an option. Find ways to safely keep moving and avoid the body break-down.


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