Her Sports Corner is not your typical sports blog site.  We are a social sports blog for women covering all college and professional sports, including NFL, MLB, NHL and the NBA

We are a social sports blog for women covering all college and professional sports, including NFL, MLB, NHL and the NBA.

What distinguishes Her Sports Corner from the average ladies sports blog is that we are specifically created for women, by women. And, unlike with many general sports blog sites that focus solely on avid sports enthusiasts, our followers include women of all ages, sports experience and backgrounds.  Our sports blog for ladies is ideal for:

  • women who are just learning about a particular sport
  • women who have played sports
  • women who enjoy watching sports
  • die-hard sports fans

Professional sports teams and the sports talk industry are realizing the value of women sports fans.  Some NFL teams now even sponsor special events for women. However, many women still feel they are not taken seriously when engaging in sports talk.  Some are even concerned they will be judged for asking questions or trying to dive deeper into the game.

Our website is essentially a women’s sports blog that is safe, friendly, interactive and provides information and resources designed to help ladies feel confident when watching games and engaging in general sports talk.  Best of all, we break the content down to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of the rules, regulations, stats and other important aspects of the game.

Here are some examples of topics we discuss on Her Sports Corner’s women’s sports blog:

  • What constitutes a legal catch in the NFL?
  • What are MLBs rules surrounding collisions at home plate?
  • How does a team earn a power play in the NHL?
  • What types of penalties generate free throws in the NBA?

If you want to up your game and talk sports, be sure to read our ladies sports blog, like our Facebook page, follow us on Instagram, watch our videos and subscribe to our e-newsletter.

Her Sports Corner is the premier sports blog for ladies so stay tuned for the latest  news, social events, ticket giveaways, ladies sports talk and more!

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