Fantasy Football – You Got to be in it to Win it!


By Jennifer Salerno

It’s Fantasy Football season! If you’re not already on mock draft 75, you’re probably a little behind the eight-ball. Not sure what a mock draft even is, and looking to break into the Fantasy Football world? Girl, do not sweat it, we have you covered on our @hersportscorner Instagram page! Let’s break it down to basics. The most important tool when establishing a Fantasy Football league is establishing your running backs. According to NFL Fantasy Football stats, Christian Mcaffrey, Saquon Barkley, Ezekiel Elliot, and Alvin Kamara are the top running backs for the presumed 2020 season. In the world of Fantasy Football, it’s all about the points, and running backs are going to score the highest and the quickest, which makes them the most valuable players. Wide receivers should be your third round pick, unless there is an amazing wide receiver like Michael Thomas, or Julio Jones up for grabs, then grab them second! Once you are stacked with your top two running backs and wide receivers, (you will draft at least two more of each, later) you will then focus on a tight end, the defense, a kicker, and last but not least a quarterback. Let’s be clear, if you’re up to draft, and Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, or Deshaun Watson are available, our suggested drafting order goes out the window, and you grab a hold of one of those quarterbacks with both hands, and do not fumble! Dropping one of them could cost you the game. For more fantasy tips make sure to head over to our Instagram page. Have fun and good luck!


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