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By Jennifer Salerno It’s Fantasy Football season! If you’re not already on mock draft 75, you’re probably a little behind the eight-ball. Not sure what a mock draft even is, and looking to break into the Fantasy Football world? Girl, do not sweat it, we have you covered on our @hersportscorner Instagram page! Let’s break it down to basics. The…

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By Jennifer Salerno The Los Angeles Rams broke in the new $5 billion SoFi Stadium with their first scrimmage on Saturday. The stadium will be shared by both the Rams and the Chargers. Unfortunately, both teams are not expecting any fans in the stands this year. This means fans will only get to enjoy the football stadium’s highlight: the “Oculus,”…

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By Kristal Pinales The San Diego Padres are on a historic hitting run, and have set an MLB record with their fifth consecutive game grand slam! Jake Cronenworth hit the fifth grand slam with bases loaded in Saturday’s win over the Houston Astros. The Padres broke the major league record earlier in the week when Eric Hosmer hit a grand…

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By Kristal Pinales Did you know the Philadelphia Eagles and The Pittsburgh Steelers used to be one team? In the mist of World War II, President Franklin Roosevelt demanded all sports continue to play, but that was not an easy task for the NFL. The majority of the coaches and players were deployed to fight in the war. Many teams…

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By Kristal Pinales NBA players in the semi-finals are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their families after the NBA and NBPA negotiated to allow players up to four guests, as well as additional exceptions for children. The players’ families and guests are required to quarantine for at least a week away from the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex before…

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Her Sports Corner is not your typical sports blog site.  We are a social sports blog for women covering all college and professional sports, including NFL, MLB, NHL and the NBA

We are a social sports blog for women covering all college and professional sports, including NFL, MLB, NHL and the NBA.

What distinguishes Her Sports Corner from the average ladies sports blog is that we are specifically created for women, by women. And, unlike with many general sports blog sites that focus solely on avid sports enthusiasts, our followers include women of all ages, sports experience and backgrounds.  Our sports blog for ladies is ideal for:

  • women who are just learning about a particular sport
  • women who have played sports
  • women who enjoy watching sports
  • die-hard sports fans

Professional sports teams and the sports talk industry are realizing the value of women sports fans.  Some NFL teams now even sponsor special events for women. However, many women still feel they are not taken seriously when engaging in sports talk.  Some are even concerned they will be judged for asking questions or trying to dive deeper into the game.

Our website is essentially a women’s sports blog that is safe, friendly, interactive and provides information and resources designed to help ladies feel confident when watching games and engaging in general sports talk.  Best of all, we break the content down to ensure you have a comprehensive understanding of the rules, regulations, stats and other important aspects of the game.

Here are some examples of topics we discuss on Her Sports Corner’s women’s sports blog:

  • What constitutes a legal catch in the NFL?
  • What are MLBs rules surrounding collisions at home plate?
  • How does a team earn a power play in the NHL?
  • What types of penalties generate free throws in the NBA?

If you want to up your game and talk sports, be sure to read our ladies sports blog, like our Facebook page, follow us on Instagram, watch our videos and subscribe to our e-newsletter.

Her Sports Corner is the premier sports blog for ladies so stay tuned for the latest  news, social events, ticket giveaways, ladies sports talk and more!

By: Danielle McLaughlin Is there an app that pays you for your healthy habits? Yes, it really does exist! Achievement is a free app that tracks your steps, hours slept, food logging activity and more! Each activity earns you a certain amount of points. Once you reach 1,000 points, you can redeem these points for $10. The money can then…

By: Danielle McLaughlin Fitbit Alta Review I have been using Fitbit devices for three years now, and although I wasn’t a huge fan of the Charge HR that I previously owned, I must admit that I love the Alta. The functionality of the Charge HR was okay, but it wasn’t the most attractive looking activity tracker. The Alta has interchangeable…

By: Erin Irish Reebok was founded in 1958 in Bolton, England by J.W. Foster and Sons. Joe Foster won a South African dictionary in a running race and discovered the name the company would be called. In the dictionary, he found the Afrikaans word for the grey rhebok, which is a type of African antelope. In 2005, the global athletic…