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The all-time regular season record of the Philadelphia Eagles is very close, having only lost 34 more games than they’ve won and having tied 26 times, at 534-568-26. They’ve appeared in the Super Bowl twice: once against the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XV in 1981 and once against the New England Patriots in 2004. On January 23, 2005, the Eagles made it to their fourth consecutive conference championship game. Having lost their three previous attempts, this victory would not only end their losing streak but would also open the door to the Super Bowl, causing mass celebration. Super Bowl XXXIX would not prove an easy feat for the Eagles. They faced the defending champions, the New England Patriots. McNabb had a great game, throwing 3 touchdown passes and 357 yards. The score was tied 14-14 going into the fourth quarter. The Patriots scored ten more points, but McNabb rallied with a 30-yard touchdown pass. The Eagles’ defense held the Patriots to their three-point lead. McNabb couldn’t get within field goal range and with less than a minute to play, a pass was intercepted, ending the Eagles’ chance to win. The score was 24-21, a major upset due to the extreme heart they played with.

In 1998, Andy Reid took over as head coach and began his leadership role by drafting Donovan McNabb. This was a season of change. Fans didn’t initially accept McNabb and Reid, but that quickly changed. Andy Reid is the 5th coach in NFL history to have won 100 or more games with a single team in a single decade at 130 wins. McNabb is the all-time passing leader with 32,873 yards. He is also the top player by approximate value. LeSean McCoy is the all-time rushing leader with 6,792 yards. Lastly, Harold Carmichael is the all-time receiving leader with 8,978 yards.

In the 2014 season, they scored 474 points. During that season, the Eagles made NFL history as the only team to trail by ten or more points in their first three games and come back to win. The Eagles have won three league championships in 1948, 1949, and 1960. In 1948, they beat the Chicago Cardinals 7-0. In 1949, they beat the Los Angeles Rams 14-0. And in 1960 they beat the Green Bay Packers 17-13.

All-Time Records:

  • Regular Season Record (all-time): 534-568-26
  • Playoff Record (all-time): 19-21 (last appearance after 2013 season)
  • Most Points in a Season: 474 points (2014 season)
  • Super Bowls Won: 0 out of 2 appearances
  • Championships Won: 3
  • Passing Leader (all-time): Donovan McNabb – 32,873 yards
  • Rushing Leader (all-time): LeSean McCoy – 6,792 yards
  • Receiving Leader (all-time): Harold Carmichael – 8,978 yards
  • Winningest Coach (all-time): Andy Reid – 130 wins
  • Top Player by Approximate Value (all-time): Donovan McNabb – 126 AV

Team Record


Season League Conference Division Placed/


Wins Losses Ties Playoffs
1998 NFL NFC East 5th 5 11 0
1999 NFL NFC East 5th 3 13 0
2000 NFL NFC East 2nd 11 5 0 -won wild card

-lost divisional

2001 NFL NFC East 1st 11 5 0 -won wild card

-won divisional

-lost conference

2002 NFL NFC East 1st 12 4 0 -won divisional

-lost conference

2003 NFL NFC East 1st 12 4 0 -won divisional

-lost conference

2004 NFL NFC East 1st 13 3 0 -won divisional

-won conference

-lost Super Bowl

2005 NFL NFC East 4th 6 10 0
2006 NFL NFC East 1st 10 6 0 -won wild card

-lost divisional

2007 NFL NFC East 4th 8 8 0
2008 NFL NFC East 2nd 9 6 1 -won wild card

-won divisional

-lost conference

2009 NFL NFC East 2nd 11 5 0 -lost wild card
2010 NFL NFC East 1st 10 6 0 -lost wild card
2011 NFL NFC East 2nd 8 8 0
2012 NFL NFC East 4th 4 12 0
2013 NFL NFC East 1st 10 6 0 -lost wild card
2014 NFL NFC East 2nd 10 6 0
2015 NFL NFC East 2nd 6 8 0


Article Written by: Erin Irish


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