Most Career Runs Scored


Top 5 – Most Career Runs Scored

By Nick Browne

You can’t win a baseball game without scoring runs. It seems a little silly to need to say that, but the obvious is true in this case. When it came to setting their teams up for success and crossing the plate over and over again, these players did it the best. These are the top five career run scorers.

Rickey Henderson – 2,295 runs


Henderson holds many Major League records. He is considered the game’s greatest leadoff hitter and baserunner. That being said, it should come as no surprise that he holds the record for most runs scored in a career.

Ty Cobb – 2,244 runs


Cobb held the record for most career runs scored for nearly 50 years, until Henderson set the marker in 2001. This was just one of 90 records he set during his 22-year career.

Barry Bonds – 2,227 runs


Bonds spent 22 years playing in MLB, spending his career with the Pirates and Giants. He is best known for setting the records for most home runs in a season with 73, as well as most career home runs, but he also scored a ton of runs.

Hank Aaron – 2,174 runs

hank aaron.jpe

Aaron holds a number of MLB records from his 21 seasons playing for the Braves. In fact, he held the record for most career home runs for 33 years.


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