Philadelphia Controversies


Some of the major controversies that have plagued the Eagles are fan behavior, Terrell Owens, and the acquisition of Michael Vick.

In October of 2014, the Eagles shut the Giants down 27-0. Victor Cruz of the Giants suffered a season-ending injury, and a New York Daily News article fueled the intense rivalry by implying that an Eagles employee was cheering for the injury as opposed to the game play. Another notable moment in Eagles rivalry took place in October of 1999. The Dallas wide receiver, Michael Irvin, suffered a career-ending spinal cord injury, and as fellow teammate Deion Sanders consoled him, the Eagles crowd chanted “Deion sucks.” In 2014, the Eagles acquired Demarco Murray, which was a star running back for Dallas. Even though this fueled the rivalry, Eagles’ fans prove to be the most loyal in the NFL. They rank in the top 3 in attendance, having sold out every game since 1999 and are viewed as the most intimidating fans in the NFL. Not surprising based upon what happened during the second Bounty Bowl.

In 2005, Terrell Owens suffered an ankle injury but was lost because of his attitude as opposed to his injury. He criticized the Eagles for not recognizing his achievements and took a cheap shot at Donovan McNabb, and though he apologized, he was suspended indefinitely. Coach Andy Reid stated he would not return for the remainder of the season for conduct detrimental to the team. There were rumors he’d gotten into fights with teammates in the locker room. This was the first season since 1999 that the Eagles hadn’t made the playoffs. Another controversial player is Michael Vick. He was acquired in 2009, after he was arrested and served 21 months in prison for illegal dog fighting.

Article Written by: Erin Irish


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