Philadelphia Eagles Team Uniform/Logo


The Philadelphia Eagles’ colors are midnight green, white, black, and silver. For decades, the Eagles’ colors were Kelly green, silver, white. In 1996, the logo and uniforms were altered. Kelly green was changed to a darker midnight green. Silver was abandoned and the pants were either white or midnight green. The helmet wings were changed to white with silver and black accents. The logo changed to a white bald eagle head, more cartoon style, and the lettering changed from calligraphic to block. The uniforms and logo have had only minor changes since. Since 2003, the white jersey and white pants combination have been worn in preseason games. On both the white and green jerseys, black shadows and silver trim were added to both green and white numbering. The stripe on the pants changed from black-green-black to black-silver-green on the white pants, and from a solid black stripe to stripes of black, white, and silver on the midnight green pants.

The Eagles wear white jerseys at home for preseason games and daytime games for the first half of the regular season from September through mid-October. In late October through mid-November, the Eagles start to wear their colors, be it midnight green jerseys or a third jersey. In 2012, Nike replaced Reebok for the NFL’s official apparel licensee, but the Eagles didn’t immediately adopt Nike’s “Elite 51” uniform technology. They did revive their black jersey. In 2014, they finally adopted the “Elite 51” style uniform. In week 14 of 2014, the team wore black jerseys and black pants for a blackout uniform.


Article Written by: Erin Irish


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