What Makes An Athlete Great?


A lot of us women sports fans really focus on the sport and our favorite players during the season, but a lot of fail to realize what really makes an athlete, well great.

The two essential components to allow an athlete to excel during their season is a proper fitness routine according to the individual’s goal or sport along with a healthy diet. Many of us think that too many calories are a bad thing but for instance if you’re JJ Watt, Huston Texan’s defensive end you eat around 9,000 calories a day. This is healthy for him. But for a 5’4 120lbs female cheerleader 9,00 calories is a bit much.

The second component to an athlete’s greatness is their fitness routine. Going back to our prime example JJ Watt. In HBO’s football series Hardknocks, they showed JJ going above and beyond for his workouts. Watt described his average day and 80% of his day was spent working out. After his two-a-day practices he would go out and hit the sleds and flip a 1-ton tire over 60 times.

To be a great athlete it takes more than just a great game. It takes dedication on and off the field with specific focus on the athletes diet and fitness plan. You can’t be the best of the best if you just sit at home and stuff your face with donuts and watch the latest episode of the Kardashians. If an athlete doesn’t focus on their fitness plan and diet in the off-season their performance will not improve and their risk for injury increases drastically.

Article written by: Courtney McGuigan


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