Seattle Seahawks Uniform


Even though the Seattle Seahawks are a fairly young team, they have had many different uniform styles and color combinations over the years. Currently, they have nine different color combinations of navy blue, wolf grey, and white with action or neon green as an outline or highlight, and in 2015 they wore five of them. These colors loosely represent a color scheme of the Pacific Northwest wilderness. The graphics on their uniforms are also inspired by nature in their geographic location as well as by coastal Native American artwork, as is their logo. They wear a college navy blue helmet with the Seahawk logo to accompany each uniform’s color combination.  They have feather patterns on their helmets, jerseys, and pants. The twelve feather marks on the neckline of their jersey and on the sides of their pants represent the team’s “12th man,”  their fans.

During the regular season, the NFL allows teams to wear any pant color on a week-by-week basis. Teams must submit to the league by July 1st a list of the jersey color they intend to wear each week for the entire season. This forces teams to come up with a schedule for their jerseys. Teams use the input of their players, coach, and equipment manager to reach consensus about their jersey plan for the season. There are reasons or possibly superstitions as to why a team would choose a specific color to wear against a particular team, in a particular stadium, in the night or day, cold or heat. Whatever the reason may be, their ultimate goal is to feel confident that the colors they choose will in some way play a role in defeating their opponents.

By: Erin Irish


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