The NFL Prepares for the Start of the Season


By Jennifer Salerno

In less than 2 months, the NFL plans to start its season with its first game: The Houston Texans versus The Kansas City Chiefs. Athletes and Coaches are awaiting the start of the first preseason after the pandemic, COVID-19. Veteran and Rookie players are preparing for practices coming up next month. Players must test for COVID-19 before the start of the preseason.

Chiefs Coach Andy Reid states, “It’s all set up with monitors and everything else. Then the testing, these guys are going to be tested often. It’ll be good that way. There’s a responsibility for coaches and players to make sure we handle ourselves right when we’re away from it. We are still keeping as much social distance as we can. It’s a contact sport, but when there’s no contact we’re going to keep our distance.” This is wonderful news for the start of the season as the NFL and its players are promoting a healthy and safe future start to the NFL Season.


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