By Erin Irish

In soccer, there are two types of cards referees give players for dangerous plays or blatant wrongdoing. The more severe of the two is the red card. The red card is given when a referee deems an attack by one player on another as extreme. When a player receives a red card, the player is immediately ejected from the game. The yellow card is the lesser of the two. If a player makes a move that is unintentional, but dangerous or extreme, the player may receive a yellow card, more so as a warning. If that player receives a second yellow card during the game, the two yellows are like receiving a red card (i.e., two yellows = a red). A player who receives two yellow cards (which equals a red) is ejected from the game.

Ponte Preta v Palmeiras - Brasileirao Series A 2017 : News Photo

Manchester City vs Barcelona - UEFA Champions League : News Photo


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