Three Benefits of Taking Collagen Daily


By: Danielle McLaughlin

Collagen may be trendy, but it’s a trend that I’m happy I tried. For the past few months I’ve been mixing a scoop of collagen peptides into my coffee and tea or (my favorite) into a protein shake. Below is a list of three of the benefits of incorporating collagen into your diet.

1. Hair, Skin and Nails

I have been taking a scoop of collagen peptides almost daily since November 2017, and I have noticed some changes to my hair, skin and nails. I’ve always been lucky to have hair that grows quickly, but it wasn’t exactly thick. I have noticed a big change in the thickness of my hair since taking collagen. My hair is definitely more full and shiny, and the texture of my skin has improved as well. I also noticed that my nails are less brittle and are breaking less often.

2. Joints and bones

Since collagen is rich in amino acids, these amino acids help stimulate the production of joint cartilage. Collagen also helps strengthen bones, tendons and ligaments.

3. Hunger suppressant 

Collagen is known to be one of the most hunger-suppressing proteins available. In fact, a clinical trial found collagen to be 40% more filing than the same quality of whey, casein and soy.


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