Tim Tebow’s “Night to Shine” Celebrates 5 Years



HEADLINE: Tim Tebow’s “Night to Shine” Celebrates 5 Years

By: Lacey Wallen

You may already be aware of Tim Tebow: Heisman Trophy winner, former quarterback in the NFL, recent center fielder & left fielder in the NY Mets baseball organization and, oh yeah…man of faith in God! But did you know that his foundation, Tim Tebow Foundation, launched in 2010, sponsors a prom night experience for people with special needs ages 14 and older? The event is called, Night to Shine, and on February 8, 2019, the Foundation, with the help of hundreds of volunteers, celebrated its 5th anniversary! It was hosted by over 650 churches in all 50 states of the US and in 24 countries! Participants were offered royal treatment with makeup and hair, if desired, before being treated to food, music and opportunities to dance the night away. Go to Tim Tebow Foundation’s website to view a video of highlights from this year’s celebration. Grab a box of tissues, though. Some of us, here at Her Sports Corner needed them!


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