New England Patriots Controversies


#2 Foul: Brown Flag Penalty

A very strange controversy for the New England Patriots is when head coach, Bill Belichick, gave Larry Izzo a game ball for secretly going “number two” on the sidelines during a game.  It is strange that such behavior would be rewarded or that Izzo would take pride in it, but Wes Welker admitted in an interview that Izzo probably views it as one of his greatest accomplishments. Of all of his other successes on the field, why this off-field act would be supported is beyond me. Why he would value receiving the game ball for evacuating his bowels on the sidelines as opposed to his Super Bowl rings seems too strange to be true and is very much controversial. He is obviously an extremely talented player, having been named special teams captain eight times, but if only his behavior off the field could resemble that of it on the field, maybe he’d have better things to be proud of.

Super Bowl Ring Prevents WWIII?

Another extremely controversial, and quite unbelievable, fact is that Vladimir Putin, leader of Russia, supposedly stole Robert Kraft’s Super Bowl ring. Robert Kraft, owner of the New England Patriots, was at a meeting with various businessmen and other important people, one being Putin. Kraft took out his ring to show it off, and Putin asked to see it. He put on the ring and made a joke that he could kill someone with it.  When Kraft put his hand out to retrieve the ring, Putin put the ring in his pocket, three KGB servicemen surrounded him, and he walked out. George W. Bush supposedly called Kraft to plead with him to not make a big deal out of the issue. It could’ve turned into a serious international incident if he had accused Putin of theft. He was instructed to describe the incident as if Kraft had given the ring to Putin as a present. He was told it would be in the best interest of US-Soviet relations. Kraft did not mean to give the ring to Putin but understood there was a much larger issue at hand. The Kremlin has denied the ring was stolen. How crazy?

Article Written by: Erin Irish


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