NBA Players are on an Amazon Shopping Spree


By Kristal Pinales

No wonder Clorox wipes cease to exist! The NBA Bubble in Orlando, Florida has them all! That’s right the NBA and players are on a shopping frenzy! The Disney Bubble has seen an insane amount of Amazon packages in recent weeks. During a segment on ESPN’s “The Jump,” Rachel Nichols went through some of the shipments. Among the thousands of unloaded boxes, she showed off a wall full of Clorox wipes in storage. “The wipes are being used to keep the basketball equipment clean,” Nichols says. Miami Heat’s, Udonis Haslem, says he’s had $5,000 in Amazon orders sent to the Bubble. During this unusual time, players are doing their best to make their new quarters feel like home. Some other unusual shipments consisted of a full-size refrigerator and hundreds of sneakers which were addressed to just one player. Another player ordered a punching bag for their hotel room. The New York Times’ Marc Stein reported more than 1,000 packages are arriving daily, keeping the delivery hub employees on their toes, and hands filled with work.


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