Top 5 – Most Career Stolen Bases


Top 5 – Most Career Stolen Bases

By Nick Browne

Ah, yes, the stolen base. One of the many plays during the course of a game that gets fans out of their seats. Seeing a speedster get a great jump on a pitcher and slide safely into second, third, or even home is a sight to see. The best of the best had the perfect combination of speed, timing, and the guts to take on catchers with a cannon for an arm. Let’s jump into the players with the most stolen bases in their career, shall we?

Rickey Henderson – 1,406 stolen bases


Henderson is widely considered the greatest leadoff hitter and baserunner of all time. He’s the only player in AL history to steal 100 bases in a season, a feat he accomplished three times.

Lou Brock – 938 stolen bases


Brock is best known for breaking Ty Cobb’s all-time stolen base record in 1977, three seasons after racking up 118 swipes in 1974.

Billy Hamilton – 914 stolen bases


Nicknamed “Sliding Billy”, Hamilton led the National League in steals five different times during his career.

Ty Cobb – 897 stolen bases


During his career, Cobb led the American League in steals six different times. He held the modern record for most career stolen bases until 1977.

Tim Raines – 808 stolen bases


Raines, another player that is considered one of the greatest baserunners of all time, led the National League in stolen bases four times in his career. He had his number 30 retired by the Montreal Expos.


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