Season Home Run Kings of MLB


Season Home Run Kings of MLB

by Nick Browne

The chase to break Roger Maris’ long-standing home run record was a true battle of wills between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa during the 1998 season. In fact, the battle helped MLB recover from the strike-shortened season of 1994. Eventually, Sosa and McGwire each topped Maris’ record twice in their careers, while, Barry Bonds took possession of the home run record in 2001.

Barry Bonds – 73 HRs – 2001


At the age of 36, Bonds took fans on a rip-roaring ride throughout the 2001 season. He crushed ball after ball on his way to toppling McGwire’s home run record with 73 bombs.

Mark McGwire – 70 HRs – 1998

McGwire went toe-to-toe with Sosa during the 1998 season in a chase to top Maris’ record, which had stood since 1961.McGwire took home the record with an amazing display of power, belting 70 home runs.

Sammy Sosa – 66 HRs – 1998


Coming in second to McGwire in the chase for the record didn’t make Sosa’s display any less impressive in 1998.

Mark McGwire – 65 HRs – 1999

Following his record-setting season, McGwire kept the fireworks going, crushing another 65 home runs the season after breaking Maris’ marker.

Sammy Sosa – 64 HRs – 2001


Just like in 1998, Sosa was in a home run chase again, this time with Barry Bonds to break McGwire’s record. Again, he finished just shy, but put up a hell of a show in the process.


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