Baseball’s Latest Strikeout


By Krystal Pinales

Baseball was almost the first sport to return to our television sets after the national pandemic, but owners and the players’ union are stuck in a standoff over how to divide billions of dollars in a shortened season. On Monday, the MLB submitted a proposal for a 76-game season, which the players countered Tuesday, suggesting an 89 regular game season running from July 10 through October 11, and that they receive their full prorated salaries. Unlike the NBA, which has chosen 22 teams to continue their season, all of the MLB Leagues would be able to play. MLB officials are currently discussing next steps, potentially leading to another counterproposal. If an agreement cannot be reached, MLB commissioner, Rob Manfred, says they will most likely move to an unappealing option for both parties. The good news: There will be baseball on TV sometime this summer, but for safety, there will most likely be no fans permitted in the stadiums.


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