Bryan Buxton’s Hopeful Comeback


By Kristal Pinales

Bryan Buxton of the Minnesota Twins almost had to say goodbye to the 2020 baseball season, just days before Opening Day against the White Sox. On Monday, Buxton suffered a mild left foot sprain during an intrasquad game, when he quickly changed directions, going after a fly ball. Buxton is now taking his injury day by day, but remains hopeful he will be back out on the diamond on July 24. “I feel too good to let this beat me,” says Buxton. This is not the first time Buxton has faced restrictions due to injury. Last September, the second overall pick in the 2012 amateur draft had surgery to repair a damaged labrum in his left shoulder. In the last five years, Buxton has only managed to play more than 92 games for the Twins one time.


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