The Philadelphia Phillies Pay it Forward!


By Jennifer Salerno

Philadelphia Phillies Phanatic and Phillies’ Ambassador, Mickey Morandini, NBC Sports Philadelphia broadcaster, Greg Murphy and other members of the Philadelphia Phillies family, surprised a doctor on the front lines of a national pandemic with Phillies gear including an autographed bat and baseball, and customized jersey. Dr. Victor Heresniak, is a season ticket holder and serves as the Chief Medical Officer for a Delaware-based nonprofit Connections Community Support Program, which helps community based programs that focus on mental illnesses, substance abuse and more according to Beyond The Bell. Heresniak is also an emergency medical physician at Inspira Medical Center in Woodbury, New Jersey. Heresniak was thrilled to meet the popular green mascot, and is even more excited to be able to watch his team play again on the television set. The Philadelphia Phillies’ shortened 60-game season opened up with a three game series against the Miami Marlins, and then came to a screeching halt, just before their matchup with the New York Yankees, after a dozen Marlin players tested positive for Covid-19.



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