Hydration Breaks


By: Erin Irish

In soccer like every other sport, it is crucial for athletes to stay hydrated. Sports played during the summer months can be dangerous for players if they do not take the time to replenish electrolytes. In the National Women’s Soccer League, hydration breaks are implemented by the referee when a device called the wet bulb globe thermometer measures 82 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. The referee can determine, at any time, whether players are at risk and once the ball is out of play, the hydration break can commence. Each break lasts for up to three minutes. The referee can also implement a discretionary hydration break if the WBGT does not measure 82 degrees Fahrenheit or higher if he/she feels that players are at risk.

SOCCER: JUN 04 NWSL - Seattle Reign FC at Chicago Red Stars : News Photo


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