Most Runs Scored in a Single Season


Top 5 – Most Runs Scored in a Single Season

By Nick Browne

You can’t win a baseball game without scoring runs. It seems a little silly to need to say that, but the obvious is true in this case. When it came to setting their teams up for success and crossing the plate over and over again, these players did it the best. These are the top five run scorers in a single season.

Billy Hamilton – 1894 – 198 runs


Hamilton, a two-time NL batting champion, batted .400 during the 1894 season in which he set the record for most runs scored. Since 1894, only one player has come close to besting Hamilton, Babe Ruth in 1921 with 177 runs.

Tom Brown – 1891 – 177 runs

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Prior to Hamilton, Brown held the record for most runs scored in a season, crossing the plate 177 times in 1891 while playing in Boston.

Babe Ruth – 1921 – 177 runs


The Babe came closer than any other player to reaching Hamilton’s record for runs in a season. He came up just 21 runs shy of the record.

Lou Gehrig – 1936 – 167 runs


On his way to helping the Yankees win the 1936 World Series, Gehrig managed to score 167 runs, good for fourth most of all time.

Tip O’Neill – 1887 – 167 runs


During the 1887 season, O’Neill went on a tear offensively. Aside from scoring 167 runs, he hit .43, belted 14 home runs, and knocked in 123 RBI.


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