Top 5 – Winningest Single Seasons in MLB History


Top 5 – Winningest Single Seasons in MLB History

By Nick Browne

It takes a lot to win in Major League Baseball. A LOT. It takes even more than having a team filled with highly skilled players, a manager worth his salt, and a good share of luck to win at a high level in any given season. These five teams have won the most regular season games in a single season in MLB history.

1906 Chicago Cubs – 116-36


The Cubbies have held this National League record for more than a century, which is an impressive feat. Unfortunately, setting the record for most wins during the regular season didn’t translate into a championship… as the Cubs lost 4-2 in the World Series to the White Sox.

2001 Seattle Mariners – 116-46


95 years after the Cubs set the record for most regular season wins, the Mariners matched the Cubs’ marker for wins, albeit while playing 10 more games. Like the Cubs, the M’s success didn’t translate to the postseason, where they were eliminated in the ALCS by the Yankees in five games.

1998 New York Yankees – 114-48


The Yankees came oh-so-close to setting the record for most all-time wins in 1998, finishing just one win shy of tying the Cubs. However, that didn’t stop the Bronx Bombers from rolling through the playoffs. They went an insane 11-2 in the postseason en route to winning the World Series.

1954 Cleveland Indians – 111-43


The Indians squad of 1954 was stocked with four future Hall of Fame players on their pitching staff. Not a bad way to set your team up for success! Unfortunately for the Tribe, their 111 wins were the last they’d get that season, as they were swept right out of the World Series, four games to none, by the New York Giants.

1909 Pittsburgh Pirates – 110-42


The Buccos team of 1909 was led by pitcher Howie Camnitz, as well as Hall of Famers Vic Willis, Fred Clarke, and Honus Wagner. The Pirates’ regular season success translated into the playoffs, as they beat the Detroit Tigers in seven games to win the World Series.


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